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Pixel XL Cube- Fruits

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-ベース板 x4枚
-12枚(色)のピクセル (4mm)


- 4 patterns
- 4 small baseplates (12 x 12 pixels)
- 12 Pixel XL squares


Pixelhobby is produced using bio-plastics and the Pixel Squares used are 100% Recyclable.

The Pixel Squares in these sets are 4mm. This set is suitable from 4 years - 99 years plus.

The Pixelhobby XL colors are twice as big as the classic colors. Measuring 4 x 4 mm, they are easy to grip and easy to handle, even for small children.

These are a great craft for all ages as there is no mess, there is NO need for Glue, Water or Ironing (you can do so though if you wish).