Shipping rates

Shipping rates (Asendia)

 Area Shipping (EUR) Free shipping (Asendia)
EU1 5 150€<
EU2 9 -
South Korea, UK, Hong Kong 6 200€<
Japan 7 200€<
Israel, Russia 7 -
China, Singapore,  8 200€<
Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand 9 200€<
Australia, New zealand, 12 200€<

*For USA, we ship with Fedex only. The rates is 25EUR- and delivery in 2 days.

*EU1 includes the following countries: Austria, Belgium, czech republic, croatia, denmark, estonia, france, greece, hungary, ireland, latvia, lithuania, Luxemburg, Netherlands, poland, portugal, Slovak Republic, slovenia, spain, Switzerland, sweden,


For Fedex shipping, there might be additional cost for remote area. We will contact the customers if needed.