Shipping rates

Shipping rates (Asendia)

 Area Shipping (EUR) Free shipping 
EU1 5 150€<
EU2 9 -
Japan, South Korea, UK, Hong Kong 6 200€<
Israel, Russia 7 -
China, Singapore, Taiwan 8 200€<
Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand 9 200€<
Australia, New zealand, 12 200€<

*For USA, we ship with Fedex only. The rates is 13EUR- and delivery in 2 days.

*EU1 includes the following countries: Austria, Belgium, czech republic, croatia, denmark, estonia, france, greece, hungary, ireland, latvia, lithuania, Luxemburg, Netherlands, poland, portugal, Slovak Republic, slovenia, spain, Switzerland, sweden,


Free FEDEX shipping conitions 

 Order total Zone
100€< Italy
180€< USA
200€< EU
250€< Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada
300€< All the other countries