Collection: Kid's Company

Kid's Company was born twenty years ago, from a family tradition in the childrenswear sector.

A small tailor shop that, while evolving in the production process, has maintained the particular attention typical of the artisan work.

The success of the collections, but above all the love for the world of the child, has given rise to a modern corporate reality, where creative identity is understood as the fundamental heritage.

The use of fine fabrics and attention to detail is the strengths of the brand's strategy.

The collections are made exclusively in Italy, both for a guarantee of quality and to maintain that precious "handmade" aspect typical of the brand's philosophy.
  • [70%OFF] Pants (fleeced)
    Size : 12Y
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  • [60%OFF] Setup (dress+bloomer)
    Size :
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  • [60%OFF] Salopette
    Size : 6M
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