Hair conditioner 50ml

Hair conditioner 50ml

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Linea Bimbi - Tenero Balsamo

Functional ingredients:
Jojoba oil, sweet Almond proteins, Vitamin E

The importance of choosing the most suitable cosmetic products, studied and geared to the particular characteristics of children’s skin and hair, is essential.

Helan’s Soft Conditioner is very light and delicate, enriched with soothing Marigold and Chamomile extracts, formulated with special raw ingredients to disentangle children’s thin, fine or curly hair, to limit static hair and increase brightness, leaving it soft, manageable and easy to comb.

This conditioner has an acidic pH and makes use of a variety of active ingredients that obtain these results, including Jojoba oil, which is specifically lubricating and reconstructive and Wheat proteins, nourishing and strengthening, ideal for children’s very delicate hair.

 rinse hair thoroughly after using HELAN’s Total Shampoo Bath, apply a small amount of Soft Conditioner to the hair and scalp and spread delicately using the fingertips.
The product can be better applied using a large-tooth comb.

Leave on for a few minutes and then rinse well with warm water.

Note: we suggest the following gentle hair care guidelines to prevent hair stress:

  • wash the hair with warm water, avoiding high temperatures
  • choose a brush or comb with care, avoiding those without rounded teeth as they tend to damage the hair
  • ease combing damp hair by applying this Soft Conditioner
  • do not use very hot temperature settings for the hair dryer or keep it too close to the hair;
  • do not pull the hair with hair clasps, clips or elastics that may be too tight and hence weaken and break the hair.