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Wool 100% fabric (GUCCI)
Wool 100% fabric (GUCCI)
Wool 100% fabric (GUCCI)

Wool 100% fabric (GUCCI)

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Premium quality, very thick wool 100% fabric used in past collections of GUCCI.
Ideal for making coats. It is boiled wool, so no need of lining.

Please note: The fabric is not repeatable. So when its sold out, its gone.  

Country of origin: UK
Composition: WOVEN WOOL 100%
Weight gr.: 760g
Width: 140cm

How to order 
Select required length first, we offer 'By 1m', 'By 0.5m'.
Then simply input your required quantity. 
If you select By 0.5m and enter 3, you will receive 1.5 metres.